Pieter & Susanne

The dream come true We have both worked for many years in international marketing management and in the last few years trained (and are now certified) as NLP coaches. We dreamed of living and working in Southern Europe and are now, at last, the happy and enthusiastic proprietors of Borgo Belfiore.

Why Italy and why Le Marche? Here in Italy we become more aware of the roots of our history and find real contentment. Italy, a land with a rich and glorious past, has produced stunning architecture, monuments and art, all of which can be seen and appreciated here in the beautiful countryside and rolling hills of Le Marche. We find the people most appealing – honest, friendly and open. They are fiercely proud of their region and enjoy the good life, ‘la dolce vita’. We now appreciate the slower pace of life and feel more in harmony with nature … our dream has come true! We try to provide a warmth where our guests won’t be ‘just a guests’ but will feel relaxed and totally at home while being able to enjoy a tailor-made service and experience all that this region has to offer.